Halloween 6ft Wailing Soul Animated Horror Prop c/w Sound Effects,Spooky Glow


A 6ft mains power operated animated wailing soul Halloween Horror prop.
This motion activated horror is perfect for giving your Halloween guests a fright.
As they approach the hooded figure swathed in black draped with white springs into life, its upper body turning whilst its arms wave around accompanied by a repeated loud sorrowful wail.  As if this wasn’t enough the gruesome face also lights up, making it ideal for a darker area of your Halloween celebrations.
Watch as your guests back away as the ghouls arms wave frantically in their direction, giving it a very life like feel.
Please note that this item does require some self assembly, but each piece is clearly labelled A, B, C etc and takes about 15minutes to assemble.
As with all of our items, should you have a question, please get in touch via the message link and we shall be happy to share our first hand knowledge of this great Halloween Horror prop.